What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal.

When will my samples arrive?

We mail our samples via Canada Post. Our samples include postage within North America. For International delivery, fees will apply.  International customers can email FINE & DANDY CO. at contactus@fineanddandycompany.com to place an order for samples and to request a quote for postage. Please allow 2 weeks for your samples to arrive. International delivery times may vary.

When will my order arrive?

For wall covering orders please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery in North America. For International orders outside of the USA, the shipping time may vary. Please contact us at contactus@fineanddandycompany.com for more information.

Can you expedite my order?

If you have a specific deadline to receive an order, please email us at contactus@fineanddandycompany.com and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs and put a rush on your order.

How much does shipping cost?

Fine & Dandy Co. provides shipping within North America using UPS Standard Ground. All shipping charges include any brokerage fees. Please note that your order may be subject to import duties and taxes, calculated once a shipment reaches your country, and you will be responsible for paying all additional charges for customs clearance. You should contact your local customs office for further information.


If you would like a shipping estimate for orders outside of North America, we would be happy to assist you. Duties and associated fees for international orders will vary by country. Fine & Dandy Co. is not responsible for duties or taxes required by each country for the import or delivery of an order. Please email us at contactus@fineanddandycompany.com for further information.

What is your return policy?

Fine & Dandy Co. wall coverings are made to order and all sales are final. In the event of a material printing error, please email us immediately at contactus@fineanddandycompany.com after you receive your order and we will be happy to assist.

We inspect and pack our products with care in an effort to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition. Please inspect the packaging of our item(s) when they arrive. If you notice any damage, you should make note of it when signing for delivery. If your item(s) do arrive damaged, please send photos by email to contactus@fineanddandycompany.com within five (5) business days of receipt of order

What kind of papers do you use?

Fine & Dandy Co. uses the finest quality 20 oz. commercial-grade vinyl wallcovering and offers a 15 oz. Eco-Friendly version.

Installation Instructions

What kind of inks do you print with?

Fine & Dandy Co. uses UV ink products formulated to lessen the impact on the environment.

What kinds of surfaces can I cover?

Our wallcoverings can be applied over just about any type of surface. The technique for how to best apply the wallcovering is dependant on the type of surface and also which specific wallcovering product is going to be installed. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will do our best to provide you with specific instructions for your project.

Are your wallcoverings washable?

Yes, ordinary dirt and smudges can be removed with mild soap and warm water.

Cleaning Instructions

How many rolls do I require?


You can use this formula:
1. Measure the width of each wall you would like to apply wallpaper to and add these together to get your “combined width”. Please do not deduct any doorways or windows.
2. Measure your wall height.
3. Multiply the “combined width” by the height of the walls – this is the total square footage you need to cover with wallpaper.
4. Divide that number with the total square footage amount of the roll of wallpaper you have selected. Please always round up.
This is the number of rolls required to complete your project.
**Please note that for larger pattern repeats, especially those that are a “drop match” we recommend that you add the pattern repeat amount to the height of your walls when using this formula to allow for the extra wallpaper you will need to accommodate this larger repeat pattern.
Example #1 - Project: Powder Room measuring 6' x 6’ - Ceiling height - 8’
Wallpaper: O CANNADA - 26”W x 36’L (covers 78 sq. ft)
Pattern Repeat: 26” (66cm)
Pattern Match: Straight Across
  1. “Combined Width” = 24’ (6’ + 6’ + 6’ + 6’)
  2. Wall height = 8’
  3. 24’ x 8’= 192 total square ft of wall space you need to cover with wallpaper.
  4. Total square ft: 192 sq’ divided by 78 sq’ (O CANNADA - 26”W x 36’L) = 2.46 (always round up) = 3 rolls of wallpaper.

Example #2 - Project: One Large Statement Wall measuring 16’ wide - Ceiling height - 9’
Wallpaper: O CANNADA - 53”W x 36'L (covers 159 sq. ft)
Pattern Repeat: 53” (135 cm)
Pattern Match: Straight Across
  1. “Combined Width”- 16’ (only one wall)
  2. Wall height = 9’
  3. 16’ x 9’ = 144 total sq. ft of wall space you need to cover with wallpaper.
  4. Total sq. ft: 144 sq’ divided by 159 sq’ (O CANNADA - 53”W x 36’L) = 0.91 (always round up) = 1 roll of wallpaper.

What is a pattern repeat?

On all wallpaper, except some textures and murals, there is what is called a pattern match or pattern repeat. This is the vertical distance between one point on a pattern design to the identical point vertically. This pattern repeat is an integral part of the design.
A random match is one in which the pattern matches no matter how adjoining strips are positioned. Stripes are a good example.
A straight-across match is one in which the design elements match on adjoining strips.
A drop match is one in which there is a vertical drop between the matching design elements. With straight-across matches, every hung strip is the same as the ceiling line. With drop matches, the number of strips hung before a strip is repeated is dependent on the type of drop match.
Patterns with a significant drop match (24 inches or greater) will require additional wallpaper to be ordered.

Do I need to have samples before placing an order?

Due to the variances in monitors, smartphones and other devices, colours may be different than those which appear on the devices you are using. For accurate colour referencing and matching, we highly recommend ordering a sample prior to placing your order.

Do you carry items in stock?

All Fine & Dandy Co. wallpapers are made to order and we do not carry inventory. From time to time we may have a small overage on larger orders. Email us at contactus@fineanddandycompany.com for inventory inquiries.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

By placing an order with Fine & Dandy Co. you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions